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Lineage 2 Illusion Interlude
*Remaining time until GRAND OPENING!

Professional Team

Lineage 2 Illusion team is composed of veterans of Lineage 2 game with great experience in the game itself and its functions. Our only goal is a unique experience, for your own satisfaction.

New Content

Our developer team is trying to improve and constantly update the game content.

Custom Java Emulator

The Gameserver is running on a professional custom Java emulator, using the top hardware OVH datacenter has to offer with 24/7 online guaranteed and superfast up/down link for lag-less playing experience.

We need your support!

Since we decided to provide multilingual community support we are looking for experienced players to support Romanian / Brazilian / Russian / French / Italian / Spanish speaking users. For more info about recruitment check HERE


Daily Events


Unique RaidBosses


Farming Zones

Server Staff Members